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4 channel CD Energy Meter

4 Channel DC Energy Meter

Our 4 Channel DC Energy Meter comes with options of Shunt, Hall Effect Sensor, Split Core Hall Effect Sensor.
The device can be connected through RS485 or we can provide a complete Remote Energy Monitoring Solution.

4 Channel D.C. Energy Meter Specification from Spaceage

General Specifications

Parameters : Current, Voltage and Energy for each channel of 4 channels
Accuracy : +/- 1% of the range for Voltage (voltage range is 20V to 70V DC). +/- 1% of the range for Current (current range is 0 to 99.9A DC). +/- 1% of the range for Cumulative Energy
Resolution : 2 place decimal for Voltage and 1 for Current. 2 place decimal for Energy.
No. of Digits : 3 digits for Current and Voltage.
Input Supply : 20V to 70V DC, polarity independent
Size : 96mm (W) x 96mm (H) x 65mm (D)
Operating Principle : Micro-Controller based. Real time clock incorporated
Operating Temperature : 0 Degree C to +55 Degree C

Range of Operation

Voltage DC : 20v to 70v
Current DC : 0A to 99.9A

Inputs (4 Independent Channels)

DC Voltage: : 20V to 70V
DC Current: : The four channels DC current (0 to 99.9 A) provided to sense the current.


Information displayed using LCD with back light Information displayed by automatic scrolling or manual scrolling


The DC EM communicates with other devices on a 2-wire optically isolated RS-485 link and uses the Mod bus RTU slave protocol.


Wall mounted, mounting fixture provided. Optionally rack mounting can also be provided.

Sensors options

Shunt based : Requires wires to be cut and thimbles to be crimped
Hall effect based : Cable can be threaded thru these sensors. Sensors mounted on PCB/Mounting plate and powered internally from the meter.
Split Core Hall effect sensors : These sensors can be clamped upon the cables and hence no disruption in working of site. Sensors mounted on PCB/Mounting plate and powered internally from the meter.
Sensor mounting : Wall mounting

Data Storage and Display Capability

  • Daily day energy consumption of last four months is stored on memory.
  • Monthly consumption data for last 12 months.
  • Information can be accessed on the LCD display locally
  • User can directly view results of a specific month instead of scrolling through sequentially all the data.

Password Protections

  • First Password for entering into Coughing mode.
  • Configuration password can be modified in the field.
  • Second password to reset Configuration mode password, if user has forgotten the same.
  • Third password to reset memory data.

Settings under Config mode

Allows following settings to be changed in a user friendly manner:

  • Slave ID
  • Date, protection against invalid date
  • Time, protection against invalid time
  • History view
  • Memory reset
  • Password reset
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