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Solar Aviation Light

Medium Intensity Lights From Spaceage

This is an ideal solution for passive shelters where the electricity connection as well as generator may not be there. It also helps in saving the energy. We have unique arrangement that save cable cost.



Product code : SSSL-MB-A (For 230V AC Input)
SSSL-MB-D (For 48V DC input)
Type of Light : 100
Light spread : LED Light
Power Consumption : approx 2.5W
Light Intensity v/s Battery Voltage : Constant for varying battery voltages
Supply Voltage : 48V DC +/- 10% (for SSSL-MB-A)
230V AC +/- 10% (for SSSL-MB-D)
Light Intensity : >2000 Candelas (Cd)
Light Spread : As per ICAO norms
ICAO Compliant : Yes, compliant with Medium intensity Type B specifications
Inbuilt Photo Sensor : Yes, for Auto ON/OFF Control based on ambient light
Flashing : Yes
Flashing frequency : 20-60 flashes per minute
Light Source : 480 No.s High Power Light Emitting Diodes (LED) from reputed sources
LED Color : Red
LED Life : 50,000 Hours
LED Clusters in parallel : 120 parallel circuits
Power Consumption : 30W Peak, 15W Average
Power Factor : >0.95
Dome Material : Clear Glass Dome (that does not deteriorate like plastics do)
Base material : High grade Cast Aluminum
Finish : Orange color Epoxy Powder coated on Aluminum base
Environmental Protection : IP65
Bird Spike : Yes, built-in
Operating Temperature : -10°C to +60°C
Mountings : Drill/Weld free Mounting arrangement provided
Note : Due to continuous improvements Spaceage reserves the right to modify the specs
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