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Spaceage manufactures a range of ACDB/DCDB (ACPDB/DCPDB) for various voltages like 24V DC/48V DC/ 230V AC.

We specialist in making dual supply ACDB/DCDB that are used in racks for critical applications. The Dual supply ACDB supplied power to sockets from two different sources. When there is a power failure from one source then the supply to sockets is switched to other supply automatically. Any PC/Desktop connected does not reboot during this switch over.

We are giving specs of some of the models below, though we shall be happy to customise as per your requirements.

Some of the models are described below:

Specifications of Rack Base Single Power Supply ACDB 5A Outlets only

  • The single input ACDB takes in input of 230V AC. Length of connecting wire 3m
  • The Plugs distribution is as follows:

    Total No. of 5A outlets = 10

    • 5 Outlets (Bank1) are fed from one MCB
    • 5 Outlets (Bank2) are fed from second MCB

    Type of outlets : FEMALE.

  • Please note that the total current carrying capacity across all outlets is 15A
  • There is a 20A MCB for each bank of outlets
  • The ACDB is 19" mountable
  • Customized version with different number of outlets, inputs and voltages can be provided on request.

Features of the 200A DCDB

  • Dual Supply option
  • 12 MCB - Individual MCB up to 40A capacity
  • Independent input for NMS per feed. NMS circuit input shall be –48V +/- 20%
  • Failure of NMS circuit should result in activation of NMS input
  • Connections:
    • Option 1 : Independent grounding for each feed
    • Option 2 : Common ground for both feed
    • Option 3 : Option to ground both feeds to rack
  • Current carrying capacity up to 100 Amp (cumulative) per feed
  • MCB status should be continuously monitor-able from outside the DCDB without requiring any operation
  • MCBs must be shielded against any unintentional tampering.
  • Option to have MCB free mounted (without back plate or with back support plate)
  • If back support is not used the operation of DCDB should not be effected (this shall be a good feature to have from maintenance purpose)
  • addb-feature-imaeg2
  • Removal of MCB should require minimum interruption of operation.
  • Bright LED to indicate supply status of individual supply
  • DCDB to have such a design from bottom so as to avoid any contact with loose wires or any loose wires from DCDB to hang out
  • Robust simple design, that allows easy access to all the contact points.
  • Bus bars for MCBs and grounding must be of adequate size to handle the intended current capacity
  • 19"/21" interchangeably mountable

Basic DCPDB Panel


The DCPDB shall have the following features:

  • Powder coated MS base
  • Cover with Acrylic window
  • DIN rail for mounting of MCB (8 No.s)
  • 8 No.s MCB as per specs
  • 2 stoppers, one on either to hold MCB in place
  • 19" Rack mountable
  • One Bus bar for Output
  • Two Input Bus bars (connectors)
  • Looping of wire from Input to each of MCB.
  • Sturdy design

Basic DCPDB Panel (without Bus bar)


The DCPDB shall have the following features:

  • Powder coated MS base
  • DIN rail for mounting of MCB
  • 6 No.s MCB as per specs
  • 2 stoppers, one on either to hold MCB in place
  • 19" Rack mountable
  • Sturdy design

NOTE: We reserve the right to revise features at any time, without any prior notice.

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