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Alcohol Level Analyzer

spaceage security systems

This is also popularly known as Breathe Analyzer.

The main function of breath analyzer system is that when someone blows into this gadget, it gives a reading of the alcohol content. Such an instrument is very much required at

  • Police Stations
  • PCRs
  • Factory Owners to judge their employees
  • Supervisors of Security agencies for checking the guards
  • Railway Protection force for checking of passengers
  • Individuals for checking if they are fit to drive after consuming alcohol

Such devices used to be quite bulky and costly and required expert handling. But the present day systems are very handy, do not require any expertise and above all are very cheap and affordable.

Some of the advanced breathe analyzer systems come with a printer option but the cost goes very high comparatively. Normally the printer option does not add any value as there is no way to associate a printout with a particular person in strict legal sense. In any case as per law of the land there has to be a certificate by a hospital for prosecution for being drunk.

However this instrument can be an ideal device to take a decision on the spot to further continue the investigation or not. In the hands of Employers this can be an deterrent for the 'graveyard shift' people who are prone to drinking ending up in mishaps.

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