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Anti theft luggage alarm

spaceage security systems

The anti-theft briefcase / carrying case is designed for carrying / transporting cash, jewels and any precious items under the safety of an electronically protected case.

The alarm unit consists of stun component and siren component and both are incorporated in the carrying case. When activated (manually or automatically by the action of snatching), the stun component produces a high voltage (up to 100,000 volts) shock and the siren element gives out a loud siren (80-120 dB).

The briefcase usually is attached to the carrying person using a strap that is connected to briefcase on one end and to the belt or wrist of owner on another. When the briefcase is snatched there is a pull on the strap which activates alarm & shock. In the expensive models the activation can be done with a remote too. Once the container is snatched away by an attacker, the alarm gets actuated automatically (or using the hand held remote unit). The snatcher gets a shock through the container case and the siren also starts sounding loudly. The siren is meant to alert the passersby and the continuous electric shock from the stunning element would force the robber to drop the case. Deactivating the alarms is carried out using the same remote unit before recovering the case. The case contains the battery & electronics required. The shock is non lethal and would only stun the person from 3 - 10 minutes. The person will not be able to use his muscles in this duration and would return back to normal later.

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