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Arming / Disarming System

spaceage security systems

Arming in a loose sense is switching on the system and disarming is disabling (switching off) the system. These functions can be performed using a simple switch or by using a keypad in which the user is supposed to enter a password.

In advanced systems, this may be done by an (Radio Frequency) RF remote or an Infrared remote. In cost effective systems, this is done using a traditional key that operates an electric switch. Such key-based systems are convenient for use by all age groups and offers more flexibility in terms of increasing number of authorised users. Some of the systems also have a keypad in which the owner is supposed to enter the correct password to do any arming/disarming.

The infrared remote requires that the operator of remote be in visual line of sight of the receiver that is on the control panel, where as the Radio Frequency remote can operate the control panel from anywhere (as long as the receiver is in the range) In addition to arming / disarming the control can support many other functions which may not be available (or even desired) in every control panel.

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