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Automatic telephone dialer (Autodialer)

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The Automatic telephone dialer is an instrument that can automatically dial a fixed number of telephone numbers and deliver a message at each of the telephone numbers, without the help of any operator. The telephone numbers and the message can be stored by the user (in his own voice) and can be modified whenever required. When this instrument is activated, it starts dialing the telephone numbers in sequence and delivers the recorded message on each of the stored numbers. The system can re-dial to take care of busy numbers. The system works on normal telephone line. It does not need a dedicated telephone line. There are two types of Autodialers in the market - One that uses electronic chip to record and play the voice message and the other one uses the usual Cassette for this purpose. The electronic chip is the preferred one on account of following :

  • There is no fear of jamming of the tape
  • No deteriorating of performance with time because of rubber belts getting weak
  • Requires very low current to operate since there are no mechanical parts nor are there any motors that require heavier current.
  • Always the same quality of voice as the playing speed is not dependent of the voltage of batteries.

Salient Features of an Autodialer

An Autodialer has small microcomputer that controls all functions. The emergency dialer takes priority over all incoming phones and faxes. This implies that the dialer cannot be disabled by keeping the line busy on which the dialer is installed. The salient features of popular Autodialers are:

  • EPROM retains memory permanently
  • Can be activated by NO/NC contacts
  • Password protection to guard against unauthorized use
  • Test dialing facility
  • Can re-dial up to 3 times
  • Can work on Tone and Pulse telephone lines
  • Provision to activate external alarm if tampered (alarm system not included)
  • Special protection against lightning effects on telephone line

The Wired Autodialer is connected with wires to the main control unit whereas the Wireless Autodialer does not use wired to connect to the Control unit. It is to be noted that in both cases the connection to the telephone wires is by physical wires.

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