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Card Readers

spaceage security systems

Card readers are part of access control system. Card readers read the information from the cards which are carried by the visitor & sends this information to the central unit.

Some of the card readers are stand alone and they process the information themselves. Such stand alone card readers are meant for single entry or exit point. These readers store the information about authorised cards in their memory or that of the controller attached along with. If an authorised card is presented or correct Password is punched then the reader gives a signal for Door to open. The advanced versions can control the time in which the door must be opened and for how long the door can remain open.

For multiple entry and exit points, normally, one card reader is installed on each of such points & the information is then centrally processed by a control unit. It is possible to print this information. If the system is to be used to control access as well as Attendance then two readers are required on each door - one for entry and one for exit. All the transactions of opening and closing of the door from different Readers is sent to a central process/PC, from which appropriate reports can be printed. Having a single database simplifies the addition/deletion of users.

Card readers allow for the interfacing with a printer for printing the reports. Depending upon the size of organization & type of cards, various card readers/technologies are available in the market e.g. Swipe, Proximity, Infrared, Barcode etc.

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