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Central crisis response system

spaceage security systems

This is a new concept for handling emergency. In case you subscribe to such a service then the message is relayed to a monitoring station, which dispatches help immediately. Such monitoring stations are usually manned by agencies which provide services to multiple households and position their guards at various locations in the city, so that in case of emergency the closest vehicle can be rushed to the crisis location. In developing countries this concept is just catching up, though it is has become quite common in developed countries. The system is meant to give fast and appropriate response to the situations such as:

  • Intrusion / Break-in-theft, unauthorized / forcible entry etc.
  • Medical crisis - heart attack, stroke, accident etc.
  • Any other emergency situations like fire

Normally in case of a crisis, one does not get a chance to pick up phone & call for help. However, if one has subscribed to such a service then the relevant help such as police, doctor, ambulance, fire brigade etc. can be sent from a manned control room without requiring the one in distress to pick up the telephone receiver and dial up for assistance.

The basic unit consists of a radio button which is worn / carried by the user while he is in the premises, a microphone, loudspeaker and a sender unit installed at appropriate locations at the user's premises and a data receiver at the crisis management control room. A touch of the appropriate button (separate buttons provided for security and medical emergencies) in the hand held unit sends out automatically a signal to a Control Unit inside the premises. The unique codes sent out by the hand held unit are received by the Control unit which in turn are relayed automatically through an auto dialer to the data receiver at the Central crisis management center. The system attempts to provide response when it is most critically needed.

Normally, the response team reaches within minutes & are usually armed to face any situation, including armed intruders. Though there aren't many agencies offering such a service in India but a similar concept can be implemented with private security guards in a Apartment complex or housing colonies.

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