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Central control unit

spaceage security systems

The control panels available in the market range from small compact type which incorporates a hooter / siren and can accommodate a few different types of Sensors (12) (detectors) to a more advanced type which can perform more complex functions like, automatic dialing to a phone / pager / cellular phone and convey a pre-recorded message informing about intrusion, in addition to or in place of, local audio visual alarm.

The advance versions also have the capability of functioning with user codes for arming and disarming and of switching over to built-in power supply in case of power failure. Many control units also use a remote (infra-red or Radio Frequency based) for arming or disarming of the control unit.

For larger installations that have more than 3-4 sensors, there is provision of Zones (30). Each Zone is associated with one or more sensors e.g. one floor could be controlled by one Zone, the Fire Sensors could be connected to another zone. The advantage of Different types of Zones(31) is that when the alarm goes off (alarm sounds), the control panel gives an indication as to which Zone has been compromised. This way one has to only check the sensors linked to that particular zone to see where the problem is.

Please note that many times the sensor, control unit & alarms unit may be combined in a single housing for reducing cost or to provide easy localized, protection. However, larger systems involving multiple sensors will invariably have a separate control unit.

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