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Digital surveillance system

spaceage security systems

Digital Surveillance system substitutes the obsolete CCTV/VTR/VCP/VCR (analog recording)digital surveillance video surveillance systems. The Digital Surveillance system is the latest system that gives unmatched flexibility as well as control. More importantly since the PCs are manufactured for continuous use as compared to VCRs, the system is more reliable. Since the recording parameters as well as subsequent search can be done using programmable logic, such a system required much less human intervention. The total cost of ownership for such systems comes out to be lesser than the obsolete VCR's.

There are two kinds of systems in the market today - one, that is a standalone camera with built-in PC. The other is just a add-on card that can go into one of the vacant slots of your PC. The former also comes with option of built-in web-server for viewing over the Internet.

Usual Features Of Add-on Card Based Systems

  • Connects up to 4 CCTV cameras to the PC
  • Recording on the HDD, without need for tapes and VCR
  • Different recording modes full recording or recording only when motion detected.
  • On detection of motion, option to send Mail or sound alarm on attached speakers. E-mail can be sent after a user defined delay
  • Specific areas can be defined for detection of motion.
  • Can record, compress and retrieve and search video images without any extra equipment
  • High level of reliability of digital recording which does not fade with time
  • Very economical as virtually maintenance free
  • Multiple cameras can be viewed simultaneously or only one at a time
  • In auto scan mode the display time per Camera can be fixed
  • Search the images by Date, Time or Camera no more putting in different tapes and rewinding them endlessly.
  • Software as well as remote access password protected
  • To save Hard disk space, lower quality recording is possible during normal time but switches on to higher quality once motion is detected
  • Times can be preset for starting and stopping the recording for each camera
  • Start and stop time for Motion detection can also be set-up. This is particularly useful during night and holidays.
  • Option to playback frame by frame
  • In built zoom while playing back
  • Selected frames can be saved or printed.
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