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Door Entry System - Intercom Based

spaceage security systems

This is useful for individual homes / apartments / bungalows / offices where the entry point is far away from the main living area.

The unit provides the facility for a two-way audio communication between the visitor at the door and those inside and the facility of remote operation (unlocking) of the door from inside. In the basic configuration, the unit consists of a two way intercom. The base unit is kept inside home and a hands-free set at the entry point. The entry door lock is replaced (or additionally supported) with an electric lock which is locked / released through an electric switch located at a convenient location, normally with the base unit.

When the visitor presses the door bell, conversation with the visitor can be had through the intercom from inside. If the visitor is to be allowed entry then the door lock can be opened with the electric switch from within the house.

It is possible to buy the intercom & electric lock individually, though most of units are integrated. The electrically operated door locking system can be used to open the door remotely. The electric locks come with a battery backup protection also, just in case there is a power failure. Otherwise these locks can be manually operated also. The installation is simple and requires couple of wires to be run from main door to the base unit.

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