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 Electronic circuit detector

spaceage security systems

This device is meant for detection and location of any passive electronic circuits incorporating transistors and diodes, whether active or passive. It is portable and simple to use with adjustable range of control and it caters to a wide variety of applications. It is an ideal complement to radio and cable countermeasures. It has been designed to quickly and effectively search for buried or hidden electronic device whether the device is in operation or not. This capability makes this instrument an invaluable tool for electronic countermeasure operations.

All bugs i.e., radio transmitters, receivers, power amplified microphones, electronic timers and similar equipment used in clandestine operations, contain semi-conductors and therefore are open to discovery with the use of the this detector. Bugs can be planted anywhere - buried in the wall, left in the flower vase, left behind pillows, planted behind curtains, planted in a showpiece, enclosed within the furniture or any other item in the room and could be in the most unlikely of the places. Planting of a bug is normally carried out by experts and therefore it is difficult to guess the location or the type of the planted device. In using the non-linear detector, one therefore has to go about the job of scanning every inch of space using the probe patiently and methodically without omitting anything and any place in the room. If any hidden semiconductor component is detected, the instrument will emit an audio alarm and with adjustment of sensitivity, it is possible to pin point the exact location.

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