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glass break acoustic type

Glass Break Detector - Acoustic Type

The glass break sensor senses the noise produced by the breaking of glass or when Glass is hit by a metallic object. The cracking noise made as glass is broken contains higher frequencies in addition to the audible sound. In a well designed glass breaking sensor, only the energy produced at such specific frequencies is used for triggering an alarm and in this way false alarms from normal sounds are ignored by the alarm triggering circuit.

Improved version uses advanced digital filtering technique to completely reject background noises below the cut-out frequency and advanced signal processing to detect fast attack signals, yet ignoring sounds that build up gradually with time such as approaching automobiles, aircraft or screeching brakes. This type of glass break detector has a detection range within 50' radius and therefore can cover more than one glass window as long as it is within range. The optimal mounting location for these detectors is in a corner approximately 1 inch from the widow frame. The reason for this is that the shock waves tend to concentrate in the corners of the window.

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