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Glass Foil

The self-adhesive metallic foil provides a simpler, inexpensive and yet reasonably reliable method to detect glass breakage. The foil is run on glass that needs protection on the inside, in any suitable design to form a single closed loop. Since the foil is made of good conductor of electricity, the electric current is able to pass through the loop in normal conditions. In the event of glass breakage, the loop breaks and this is detected by the Control Panel to trigger the alarm. The foil is normally very thin as breaks when the glass cracks.

While foil is an effective method of protecting glass and has a strong psychological deferent factor, it obstructs the view. It is bit cumbersome to install and is susceptible to wear and tear due to cleaning of glass. Today foil is rarely used, it has been replaced by Glass Break detectors (19), shock sensors (20), or motion detectors (18). This foil is typically 3/8 wide and .0015 inches thick. The foil is adhered to the glass approximately 3 inches from the edge and applied around the entire perimeter of the glass. If the glass is broken then the cracks would extend and cause the foil to break. While this was a very reliable method of detecting glass breakage, it is labor intensive to install.

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