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Guard tour monitor

spaceage security systems

Normally when one employs a guard it is assumed that the guards will stay awake and do their duties. Unfortunately, most of the guards are not paid well and they usually do two shifts in a day, there by making them sleepy on the job.

To ensure that the guards are doing their jobs, Guard Tour Monitor is very effective device. Basically, a tour monitoring device ensures that the guard is going around his beat in a pre-determined time interval. If he is sleeping on the job or is lax then he shall not be able to cover his beat as desired. The Guard tour systems are designed to catch such situations.

There are different kinds of tour monitor based on different kinds of principles. The electronic guard monitoring system requires that the guard repeatedly presses a switch after a certain time interval. The time interval, in multiple of fifteen minutes or so, can be set up in the system. At the end of predefined interval the system gives a beep and this beep goes on for a minute or so unless the guard presses a switch on the system. Every time the switch is pressed, the guard is marked present at that time. The time clock is built in the system and time cannot be altered by the guard. When the guard is not able to press the switch, he is marked absent. Such systems have a provision to display date & time when the guard was present and when he was absent. Normally such systems can be interfaced with normal printers for taking reports or even be interfaced with computers or a LAN (Local Area Network).

In advance systems, instead of using a simple button, swipe cards are used. Such cards can be any of the cards that are used in access control. A card can be assigned to a particular guard and this way it can be ensured that only that guard is responding to the alarm. In a still advanced version, proximity cards are used and the recording happens automatically when the guard passes the recording/monitoring post. In larger systems, multiple response units can be interfaced to central recording system. This way, by having multiple response units, it can be ensured that guard actually travels around the building and is not stationary. The reports can be printed from the central unit.

To make systems further tamper proof, instead of cards, the finger prints of the guard is verified at each of the tour recording/monitoring position. Such a system is slightly more expensive and does require additional software and PC's but then for advanced security one has to pay the price.

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