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Intelligent PDU

Intelligent Power Distribution Unit (I-PDU)

For Server Racks

When using a normal PDU, it is possible that a short circuit in one device can shut down the complete rack or even the data center. This is not acceptable in critical applications

Also in shared data centers, there is a requirement to measure power consumption by individual server/router connected to each socket in the rack for the purpose of billing etc.

  • Each socket on PDU is metered.
  • If the equipment consumes more power than specified for the socket then the individual socket only is switched-off automatically.
  • The voltage, amperes and KVA is displayed for each individual socket on a 2 Line 40 character in built display
  • An MCB is provided to protect overloading for complete PDU.
  • 5 Nos IEC sockets, (5 Amp.) and 2 normal sockets (Type D, 5 Amp.) are provided.
  • Software for managing PDU through TCP/IP provided.


Data Centers, Server Rooms, Server Racks, Networking Equipment, Any application that has multiple critical electrical equipment.

NOTE: We reserve the right to revise features at any time, without any prior notice.

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