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Internet based devices

spaceage security systems

Such devices use the power of internet to monitor and convey information from one location to another. Such systems usually use a computer and a modem with a leased OR a dial up telephone line. By using such systems, the status of the monitored area can be conveyed anywhere in the world. The leased line based systems are expensive to operate since the cost of leased line is high.

There are some systems in which a using a normal telephone line the PC is switched on and then the PC automatically dials up to convey the information. Such PC's are interfaced with devices that can switch on or off using relays.

These relays are operated by the computer depending upon the logic that have been defined in the programs. Not many such devices are available currently but more and more such devices are going to be used in future. Internet ready equipment like Vending machines, Washing machines, Refrigerators etc. are going to hit the market soon.

Internet based Video Surveillance application has already caught on and is available at a very affordable cost. Intelligent houses, where the various appliances can be controlled remotely using Internet is already a reality.

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