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Metal detectors

spaceage security systems

Metal detectors, as the name implies, detects the presence of metal using electromagnetic waves. The sensors are available in various shapes and sizes depending upon the desired application.

The sensors which are in shape of a door are useful to detect the presence of metal as a person walks through a door. Such devices are good for high traffic areas such as public places. Most of the times it is seem that due to wrong settings or poor quality of equipment the door frame based sensors are either too sensitive or do not detect at all. Except for a psychological deterrent such door frames do not serve any purpose.

The advanced door metal detectors also indicate the approximate height at which the metal is detected. Lights usually light up at the place where (one or more places) the metal is detected. This helps in directing the frisking at the right place.

The hand held wand is used to scan the luggage, bags or human beings. The sensitivity of such instruments can be adjusted depending upon the perceived threat.

Such instruments have an option of audio or a visual alarm. It is important to keep on testing these instruments at periodic intervals.

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