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GSM Mobile Starter

Mobile Based Starter

  • Send SMS to START/STOP motor (or any other electric equipment).
  • Can be used with Water pumps, Industrial motors, AC, DG etc.
  • System sends SMS back if input Voltage less (Single/Three phase).
  • Get status of motor/appliance through SMS.
  • If Motor/equipment fails, then system sends SMS.
  • Electricity failure/resumption SMS during motor/device operation.
  • Automatic ON after power failure.
  • Motor ON duration SMS.
  • Can be controlled ONLY by authorized personnel – up to 4 users.
  • System can't be reprogrammed in case of theft of system.
  • Easy installation – can be done by user himself.
  • Motor ON warning buzzer.
  • 2x1.2AH Battery used for Power Back-up.
  • Robust construction for dusty/humid environments.
  • Saves manpower.

NOTE: We reserve the right to revise features at any time, without any prior notice.

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