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Multi apartment door entry system

spaceage security systems

This system is an extended version of the basic door entry system described before. This is meant for use in multi- apartment residential complexes, involving 2 to hundreds of apartments.

The apartment numbers and corresponding push buttons are fixed at the main entry point of the apartment block and are connected to the individual apartments. Apartments are provided with an intercom & lock- release button. When the visitor pushes the concerned apartment button at the door station, the people at the home unit can converse with the visitor and have the facility of releasing the door lock using the switch provided for the purpose.

Such systems are useful to regulate entry of visitors & restricts the entry of unauthorized persons in common areas. If such a system is employed then care must be taken that residents are educated that they do not indiscriminately open the door to every one.

Also, care must be taken to install door-closer on the common entrance that is controlled by the system. Otherwise, the door is inadvertently left open.

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