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Panic alarms

spaceage security systems

Panic devices are manually activated units that you can activate if you need immediate assistance. These units can either be silent or activate loud alarms. If you desire the silent version then you must have your system monitored. You should bear in mind that activating these units (specially those raise an alarm) may alert the intruder to your actions, so care must be exercised in their use.

Panic devices can be fixed buttons, portable wireless buttons, or a special combination with a keypad. A variation on the panic device is Medical Alert. When the Panic Alarm is activated, then it can trigger off the alarm that can scare the intruder as well as alert everyone in the house. Optionally this can be connected to an Automatic Telephone Dialer(59) also which can call up predefined numbers & convey pre-recorded message in your voice (to friends or police).

Such systems are ideal to face emergency situations e.g. confrontation with intruder at night, holdups in office/banks/homes, confrontation with a visitor at door etc. The Wireless system consists of a small hand held transmitter unit which can optionally be worn as a pendant with a neck chain or worn as a wristwatch or simply kept in the pocket and a receiver unit which is mounted on the ceiling/wall. At the time of an emergency, the compact hand held units are simply operated by pressing the button or pulling off the neck chain. The signal transmitted is picked up by the receiver unit which in turn sends it to the security personnel or any other designated device/person. Alternatively, the receiver could be interfaced with an Autodialer which can dial automatically any desired number or the Receiver may simply activate an audible alarm. Larger version of the system provides for a multi-channel receiver which can handle multiple transmitting signals from one or more individual transmitting units. Each transmitter is individually coded which makes it possible to identify the initiator of the alarm and hence the location where the incident has taken place at the receiving end. Such systems are useful for nursing homes, apartment complexes etc. With a single multi-channel receiver, the system can be extended to cover most of the apartments in the same / adjacent block falling within the operating range of the system. Effective functioning of the system will give the much needed peace of mind and reassurance to all the families covered by the system, especially to house wives and elderly couples, who live alone in unpredictable circumstances.

Some of the Central Control Panel (26) used in Intruder alarms also provide this feature.

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