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PC Based Access System

spaceage security systems

The systems currently being offered in the market come in with variety of features to cater to different types of requirements. Along with the basic security functions of validating and controlling access, the PC based systems offer optional features like Time and Attendance, MIS Reporting etc., providing the management with a lot of value- added benefits. Some of the most useful features include:

  • Multiple entrance/exit monitoring. The capacities ranging from a few users to hundreds of users - easily configurative for organization of any size
  • The system can interface with the personnel information files that may be there already in a computerized environment. This makes the installation quick and reduces the data-entry errors.
  • Flexible Time zones - highly useful for controlling entry / exit as per shift timings; Basically, the PC based systems offer the possibility of programming the rules of entrance and exit.
  • User selectable personal identification numbers - provides additional security
  • PC based systems are very user friendly and offer unmatched flexibility in setting up various parameters.
  • PC based systems also keep the record of the transactions on the hard disk for extended periods of time.
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