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Personal Alarm

This is a handy unit which is small enough to be carried in a pocket / handbag or can be attached to the belt or even to the wrist. It is a self-contained unit incorporating a high pitched alarm and an actuating button and battery. On pressing the button on the unit (in panic situations), it emits a screaming alarm with a piercing sound to scare off intruders / attackers.

A variation of same can be hooked to purse / briefcase. In case such a purse/briefcase is snatched then this alarm is automatically activated, attracting attention & throwing the criminal off-guard. There are normally 2.5 inch x 2.5 inch X 1 inch gadget and produce alarms in the 80 - 120 dB range.

Some other variations include - Personal alarm with a mini shock baton. The shock batons can disable a person for sometime allowing for evasive action.

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