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rack temprature alarm

Rack Temperature Alarm


Spaceage is a leading manufacturer of Security and Safety Solutions, especially for Telecom and Networking Domains. Spaceage has more than 6,000 Fire Panels and 11,000 Aviation Obstruction Lights deployed across the country. Spaceage has an enviable list of esteemed clients, each of whom is repeat customers.

"Spaceage" has variety of Networking, Rack Accessories for Power Management and Monitoring of the Racks. All the accessories mentioned herein have been developed by us including Hardware Design, Firmware, Sheet Metal, PCB, and Powder Coating etc. This gives us the flexibility to change any of our products as per your requirements. The details of our products are as under:


  1. Remote Monitoring System using GSM or TCP/IP:

    This system monitors various parameters of a remote site and communicates the same to a central location using GSM (SMS) or TCP/IP. By using this system it is possible to monitor hundreds of sites at a central location without the need of manning the remote site. It is a common problem that many times due to Air Conditioning failure, mains failure etc the sites could fail. By the time the network administrator knows the problem, the site is already down.

    Our system can be used to monitor various parameters as and when they happen. By using GSM technology it is possible to have an alternate route to communicate the information from the site to the central location. This is advantageous for critical sites because if while using TCP/IP, the main router/network equipment at a site goes down then there is no way to get information from the site.

    The types of parameters that can be monitored are:

    • Electrical Mains.
    • Generator On-Off.
    • Battery Voltage.
    • UPS On-Off.
    • Temperature High or Low.
    • Humidity High.
    • Intrusion/Door Open.
    • Any other Equipment/parameter, as per customer requirement.

    The system also allows activating the equipment at the remote location using GSM or TCP/IP. Such capability could be used for switching on a hooter or starting a DG set at the remote location.

    The other advantage is that the central monitoring location need not be fixed. This can be changed like a PC on a LAN. Depending upon the load the central stations could be multiplied.

  2. Comprehensive Rack Monitoring System:

    Such a system monitors the following parameters inside the rack:

    • Fire
    • Temperature
    • Door open

    In case any of the above three conditions happen, then there is an audio and visual indication to alert the system administrator. We have the option to interface with an external hooter or a telephone dialer or GSM based alarm-monitoring system.

  3. Rack Cluster Monitoring System:

    In larger installations, it is not possible for the system administrator to keep track of all the alarms for every rack. We provide the facility to extend the alarms from individual racks to a central monitoring station. Such an extension is hardware and does not use LAN, so that if there is a LAN failure, the alarms are still available at the central location.

    For remote monitoring we can offer interface with GSM based alarm extender.


    To secure the racks we offer various types of access control systems for the racks. The cheapest and the simplest is a numeric keypad lock. We also offer proximity card based access control and also fingerprint based access control systems.

    The system can be standalone or with option to interface with a PC. In case of PC interface, hundreds of systems can be monitored simultaneously, with records of all the Open/Close of door.

    We also have choice of electric strike or electromagnetic lock for locking the door.


  4. Rack Fire Alarm:

    This alarm monitors the smoke inside the rack and gives an alarm in case there is a fire. This can be interfaced with an external hooter; telephone dialer or GSM based alarm-monitoring system.

    rack-monitoring-system-image1 rack-monitoring-system-image1
  5. Rack Fan Failure Alarm:

    This alarm monitors the health of the fans in the rack. In case any fan is not functioning or has considerably slowed down then this gives an Audio/Visual alarm. We have the option to interface with an external hooter or a telephone dialer or GSM based alarm-monitoring system. This solution is customized based on the Fans used.

  6. Temperature Alarm:
    rack-monitoring-alarm-image3 rack-monitoring-alarm-image4

    We offer temperature controllers that not only indicate the temperature but also give an alarm whenever the temperature goes beyond a user specified limit. We offer temperature alarm with RESET capability. In this case by pressing the RESET button, the hooter is switched off but will get switched ON again, whenever the temperature goes high the next time.

    We offer option to interface with an external hooter or a telephone dialer or GSM based alarm-monitoring system.

  7. Voltage Alarm:

    The Voltage monitor monitors single phase or three-phase power for high voltage or under voltage.

    We offer option to interface with an external hooter or a telephone dialer or GSM based alarm-monitoring system.

  8. Humidity Alarm:

    We offer Humidity Meter that displays the humidity and also sounds an alarm when the humidity goes beyond a user specified limit.

    We offer option to interface with an external hooter or a telephone dialer or GSM based alarm-monitoring system.


  9. ACDB:

    Alkyds are used to distribute the AC power from one input to multiple outputs. We offer a variety of Alkyds that use different kinds of sockets as well as offer different combinations for number of outputs. We offer following options:

    rack-fire-alarm-image rack-fire-alarm-image rack-fire-alarm-image rack-fire-alarm-image rack-fire-alarm-image

    • Rack Mountable - Horizontal/Vertical.
    • IEC Sockets/Normal 5A/15A
    • MCB/Fuses.
    • Customized Bus bar/Cable Looped outputs.
    • With or without indicator lamps
    • With or without cover
    • 4/8/16 outputs
    • Redundant/Normal
  10. DCDB:

    DCDBs are used for distributing DC power from one or more sources to multiple outputs. We offer DCDB up to 200A. Like ACDB we offer different options for DCDB also.

  11. Redundant Supply ACDB:

    In redundant supply ACDBs, there are TWO power Inputs and one output. Whenever there is a failure of electricity in one input the load is automatically transferred to second input. This way the load is not affected due to failure of one of the mains. The switch over is instantaneous and the PCs connected to output do not reboot. Currently we offer up to 15A or 30A total output load. Such redundant supply ACDBs are extensively being used in critical applications like networking, defense, Telecom etc.

    rack-fire-alarm-image rack-fire-alarm-image


Since we have in-house capability of hardware design, firmware, manufacturing we are in a position meet any customized requirements that you may desire. In fact, our solutions are much cheaper and better quality as compare to many imported solutions with similar functionality.


  • We offer security solutions in the following domains:
    • CCTV
    • Remote Surveillance
    • Access Control
    • Biometric Solutions
  • We also offer Solutions for TELECOM industry specially for BTS shelters:
    • Fire Panels
    • Aviation Lights
    • Lightening arresters
    • GMS Alarm Extenders
    • Alarm Multiplexers
    • Free Cooling
    • Generator Optimizer

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