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Rack tempreature logger

Rack Temperature Logger

The system is used to monitor environment for each rack or at Data Center level to pre-empt any problems that may arise due to variance in parameters like temperature, humidity, voltages, door open etc. Instead of Administrator going to each rack to collect the data, the same is consolidated by the system on a central server and presented in a Live Dashboard format.

The system is intelligent enough to monitor the parameters and also inform relevant people thru SMS when such an eventuality happens.

The system consists of three parts:

Monitoring Hardware – A 19/21" rack mountable system that comes with all the sensors and intelligent Firmware with TCP/IP connectivity.

Server Software – This consolidates information from almost unlimited number of 'Monitoring Hardware' at remote locations and present the same in a user friendly format.

Intimation solution – This consists of a modem and software that sends SMS to relevant people whenever an event occurs


  • User can select number of sensors as there may not be need to monitor one or more inputs
  • We can also use GPRS with a modem to connect different sites instead of TCP/IP

Monitoring Options

Following Alarms can be monitored by the system (at Rack level or at Data Center level)


GPRS Screen Shoot
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Fire/Smoke detection, including OPEN/CLOSE status
  • AC Voltage
  • DC Voltage
  • 4 No.s Digital Input (ON/OFF status only) can be used for getting status for Door or other equipment that is to be monitored
  • 2 No.s Digital Outputs (On/OFF)
  • Customized further for other options like
    • AC Energy meter
    • DC Energy meter
    • Fuel level sensor
    • Rack power monitoring etc.

Monitoring server software features

GPRS Screen Shoot
  • System monitors all the Inputs on 24X7 basis automatically for all racks and presents in a user friendly format
  • ALL alarms from ALL sites can be monitored simultaneously on a single Dashboard.
  • Whenever an Alarm occurs it is displayed with a user defined color for easier identification. Different colors can be chosen for High and Low status.
  • The color of Alarm on monitoring dashboard automatically changes with time to indicate at a glance the severity of alarm.
  • For each HIGH/LOW of EACH Alarm/Input within EACH site, the user can define the mobile number of the related person (Up to 10 people) to whom an SMS is to be sent in case the event occurs (if SMS option chosen). This is a very powerful feature that allows the monitoring person to be away from the desk.
  • Automatic escalation SMS to senior people based on duration of alarm
  • Option to Enable/disable individual alarms from the server
  • User can poll status from the Server for any individual site/rack
  • Powerful Report generation tool that allows to set Filters for Date and individual values for each Alarm/Input, giving almost unlimited power in the hands of user
  • Graphical representation of data also available
  • Reports available on Internet also
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