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spaceage security systems

On the telephone line the information is exchanged between two parties as voice or as data (fax). If someone can tap the telephone line from the pole or from anywhere between the telephone and the exchange, then he can listen to the conversation. It is also feasible that a fax can be sent to a wrong number or it might get tapped along the line.

There was an incident in which the Prime Minister of India's travel plan (which is a very sensitive document) was inadvertently faxed to a resident of New Delhi.

To avoid such an eventuality the scramblers are used. The voice scramblers ensure that only those parties can talk to each other who have 'paired' scrambler attached to their telephones. For using a scrambler, a secret code has to be set, so that only the intended party can listen to the conversation and even if someone else has the scrambler but does not know the code, he would not be able to listen to the conversation.

If someone tapes or tries to listen to the conversation from the telephone pole he will only hear strange sounds like that of a fax transmission. Scramblers are recommended for very high security conversation and specially in enforcement/defense agencies.

The fax scramblers also work like voice scramblers except the fax scrambler secures the fax transmission between two fax machines. By using fax scramblers the fax can not go to a wrong machine.

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