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Telephone Bug Detector

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This is an equipment for the detection of eavesdropping devices on the telephone line. Normally the telephone line-hooked listening devices are the most difficult to detect as these devices can be planted anywhere on the target line and majority of such installations will be outside the target premises and quite often some distance away. Moreover, any professionally well made devices, though electrically connected to the telephone line, may not appreciably alter the electrical characteristics of the line, thus making its detection difficult. Also such devices are not easily recognizable in physical appearance. Therefore using the instrument calls for good deal of expertise and knowledge of functioning characteristics of the telephone instrument and the telephone exchange of the locality. The currently available instruments can perform quick tests on single line and every wire combination of multiple lines also if needed. Telephone bugs are planted for the purposes of listening to either the telephone conversation or the room conversations. One or more anti- eavesdropping devices may be required to perform one or more of tests as described below:

Line Voltage Off-Hook

This test allows the operators to measure the line voltage while the telephone is off hook (in use condition). Certain devices attached to the telephone lines or in the instrument itself alter the normal voltage and thus may be detected.

Line Voltage On-Hook

This is similar to the off hook voltage measurement.

Tone Sweep

In this test the instrument sweeps an audio tone to activate any devices such as close by transmitter (harmonic bug) which may be on the line or in the telephone instrument itself.

Audio Listen-In

This allows the operator to determine if the hook switch inside the telephone has been compromised. The hook switch normally disconnects the telephone from outside line when the phone is put back on the cradle. Defeating the hook switch allows the eavesdropper to listen to the room conversation when the telephone is not in use.

High Voltage Pulsing

This allows the telephone instrument to be tested for hook switch defeat methods which utilized remote triggered voltage controlled devices to pass room conversations to the eavesdropper while the telephone is on-hook.

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