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Temperature alarm

spaceage security systems

Temperature alarms give out an alarm when the temperature goes beyond a specified limit. There are two kinds of temperature alarms - ones that displays the current temperature as well as give an alarm when the monitored temperature crosses the specified threshold. The other kind of alarm only gives an alarm (also called analogue alarm).

The temperature alarm comes with two wire or three wire probes (one that detects temperature). These probes are usually flexible and can be located even a few meters away from the temperature alarm. For very long distances, Extenders are required to be placed close to the probe. Extenders are basically nothing but amplifiers that compensate for the loss of signal due to long length of wire.

The temperature alarm can be standalone or connected to a central panel or a PC network. The standalone systems have a built in alarm whereas the ones connected to a central panel give signal to the central panel. The central panel then takes the appropriate action e.g. Sound alarm, dial emergency numbers, start AC or fans, stop particular machines etc.

Some temperature alarms have specific provision to connect to NMS (Network Monitoring Systems) of computer networks. By having such facility the alarms can be monitored from anywhere.

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