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Types of zones

spaceage security systems

Zones fall in various categories depending upon kind of response desired e.g. fire, medical, burglary, and panic. Each type of device could have a specific activation, alarm and response procedure. Some examples of zone are:

  • Fire zones can be constituted from smoke detectors, heat detectors. Fire zones are always active, ready to activate in the event of a fire, unlike burglary zones that are usually activated at night only.
  • Hold-up zones can be audible or silent but are always active. You may choose either or both. Audible hold-up can be used to "scare' away prowlers but care must always be exercised when activating hold-up devices since there is no way of predicting the action an intruder may take when he hears the alarm or c Auto Dialer (59), the control panel can 'silently' call for help.
  • Medical alert devices work basically the same as hold-up devices and have the same options.
  • Burglary devices fall into various categories, 24 hour (always active), main entry door, and interior (motion detectors) etc. While going away, you will like to monitor the premises on 24 hours basis. Whereas, if you are at home, you might like to arm (activate) the external doors & windows but not PIR's which monitor the interior. You may also want to selectively arm or disarm certain doors / windows. Each such requirement shall require a separate.
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