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Wired of wireless

spaceage security systems

Central Control Panels

can use wired, wireless, or a combination of wired and wireless devices to communicate with sensors or alarms. The type you use depends upon many factors such as ease of wiring, building construction, and cost.

Wireless systems have a much higher equipment cost and require battery changing frequently, but can be installed very quickly. Wireless option, as the name suggests, does not require wires running all over the house. Wireless is also good when you want to have detectors installed in unattached garages or sheds. If you decide to use wireless make sure that the system supervises every transmitter for low battery transmitter health check. It is critical to check the wireless system for a few days to verify that it works properly and there is no interference for other electronic items. Wireless systems normally have special checks built-in to save from false alarms.

Wired systems are more cost effective and reliable, as long as you can bear the inconvenience of wiring.

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