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Free Cooling Unit

Free Cooling Units (FCU)

We are a leading manufacturer of Free Cooling Units and have supplied more than 5,000 FCUs to private telecom partner and various circles in BSNL.

We manufacture FCUs in both the combination with 48V DC Backward Curved Centrifugal Fan and or with Axial Fans Single and Dual Fans to maintain required CFM value as per the customer requirement to maintain CFM value.

We have designed most advanced Micro processor based Controller with following features:

  • 2 Zone Temperature Monitoring and Humidity monitoring
  • LCD display for meaningful message and not codes in 7 segment display
  • Provision for fixing temperature delta to manage energy consumption
  • Emergency mode AND Night mode – User defined Time based
  • NMS alarm
  • 2 Window AC controller built-in
  • Extra light weight louvers for minimum air resistance
  • Special design to maximize airflow and minimum shelter cutting
  • Controller design logic avoids fan oscillations for small temp variations inside or outside
  • Lot of usage statistics
  • Fan Options: One inlet axial fan and one outlet axial fan or Single centrifugal fan at inlet.
  • Display: 2 Line Alphanumeric Display for display for RTC, Shelter temp, Outside Ambient Temp FCU run hours, AC Run Hours, Super Cool hours & status/Alarms
  • Mounting: Design ensures that vibration does not loosen the mountings over period of time. No moving parts inside the shelter that could get obstructed or safety hazard.
  • Air filter (Inlet): HDPE filters washable with filtration 90% down to 20 micron of approved makes.

NOTE: We reserve the right to revise features at any time, without any prior notice.

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