Advanced Fire Alarm Panel For BTS Shelters

For Enclosures, specially unmanned, the following parameters need to be monitored to ensure safety of the equipment in the enclosure. Our system monitors and intimates on the NMS:

If there is smoke inside the shelter

If the temperature inside the shelter goes beyond a limit (indicating Power/AC failure or even a Fire)

If someone has opened the door of the shelter and is not authorized to do so

These conditions, if unchecked can compromise the security of lacs worth of equipment in the shelter and more importantly will lead to break in service and hence dissatisfied customers.

Keeping the above in mind, we have developed a comprehensive solution that incorporates all the features in a single box that operates on 48V DC.

1. Central Control Panel
  • Intrusion detection
  • Smoke detection
  • Temperature rise detection
2. Whenever a zone is activated through its sensor, the following outputs are there
  • Corresponding zone LED lights up on Central Panel
  • Relevant message appears on LCD Display
  • In-built Buzzer sounds
  • NMS compatible NO/NC output is also activated
  • In case of Fire additionally a hooter also sounds. This hooter can be mounted outside the shelter
3. Rugged industrial design, suitable for rough usage
Temperature Alarm/Sensor features
  • Continuous monitoring of temperature using an external temperature sensor
  • If the temperature in BTS shelter goes beyond the User defined temperature cut-off then the Temperature LED lights up on the central panel and Buzzer starts sounding. Also, the NMS is activated.
  • Once the temperature goes back to normal, the LED, Buzzer and NMS are reset automatically. The display will indicate 'System Normal'
  • The cut-off temperature can be modified by jumper setting
Fire Detection
  • Fire detection is done using a standard Smoke Sensor that is interfaced with the Central Panel.
  • The Smoke Sensor comes with blinking LED to indicate the status of the sensor
  • The Smoke sensor draws it's power from central panel
  • In case of fire, the Fire LED lights up on the central panel and buzzer sounds. Also, the NMS is activated. In case of Fire, additionally, a hooter also sounds. This hooter can be mounted outside the shelter
  • In case the wiring of Smoke sensor is Open or Short then corresponding LED lights up and buzzer sounds. The LCD display also displays the OPEN/SHORT message.
  • RESET button is provided for resetting Fire indication.
Intrusion Detection with Entry/Exit Delay
  • Intrusion is detected using a magnetic switch that has to be mounted on the door of the enclosure.
  • There is provision for Entry and Exit delay so that user can deactivate the alarm before the NMS starts
  • When the door is opened, the Door LED lights up on the central panel and Buzzer starts sounding. Also, the NMS is activated.
  • The user has to enter the 4 digit Password to deactivate the buzzer and NMS.
  • While leaving the enclosure, the user has to again enter the 4 digit Password to activate the Intrusion detection function
  • The exit time is as determined by the jumper setting
Entry Code
  • Four digit Code has to be entered on the keypad provided to detect authorized entry. This is factory preset to 1234.
  • User can change the password of each panel by going into programming mode without the need to open the panel.
  • Fire Zone : One
  • Fire Sensor : Optical Type Sensor, 1 No. (Provision for second Sensor too)
  • Door Sensor : Magnetic Door Sensor, 1 No.
  • Temperature Sensor : RTD or Thermistor Sensor, 1 No.
  • Entry delay, suitable using jumpers but displayed on LCD
  • Exit delay, set table using jumpers but displayed on LCD
  • Hooter max time limit
  • LCD display to display various error message
  • Separate switch to indicate selected settings
  • Jumper based settings
  • Front panel control: Reset switch for fire alarm
Audiovisual Indications
Mains on : Green indication
System on : Green indication
Fire : Flashing indicator & fire tone
Fire sensor open/short : Indicator and tone by internal speaker
Door open : Red indicator & beeper tone
Exit delay on   : Red indicator & beeper tone
Temperature high : Red Indicator
NMS (Potential free contacts) required for all three alarms
Panel Color : Off white with polycarbonate front sticker.
Panel mounting : Vertical wall mounting
Operating Supply : -48V DC (-40V to –60V DC range)

NOTE: We can customize the features, if desired. We have simple models too.

 We reserve the right to revise features at any time, without any prior notice.