Monitor BTS Site Without NOC/TOC

There is usually a need to monitor various parameters in a BTS Shelter like EB, Genset, Fire, Temperature, Battery etc. Some of the infra providers are using expensive NOC/TOC to monitor the sites remotely since it is not possible to monitor the sites in real time by sending a Technician. However, NOC/TOCs are expensive and in some cases the site may not be connected to NOC/TOC. Also for ensuring SLA some of the infra providers may like to intimate the relevant Technician/Supervisor directly without going through the delay associated with NOC/TOC

We offer a simple GSM based system which can send SMS directly to the relevant people from the site itself. The salient features of our system are as follows:

  1. It can monitor up to 4 NO/NC contacts. These may be connected to any 4 Voltage Free Alarms.
  2. Whenever any alarm is activated the system automatically sends SMS directly to up to 4 nos.
  3. The SMS's are sent to people based upon user defined time escalation matrix. For example: Technician may get the alarm SMS immediately, the Supervisor can be intimated 30 minutes later, the Technical Manager can be intimated 1 hour later or so on.
  4. Whenever the alarm is cleared, the 'Alarm clear' SMS is automatically sent to the people to whom the SMS was sent earlier when alarm was activated. This implies if only 3 people were sent an SMS when alarm got activated and the alarm got cleared then the 'alarm clear' SMS shall be sent only to the first 3 people.
  5. We provide a easy to use Windows based software that can remotely configure the phone nos. as well as escalation matrix for every site.
  6. The system can be used for a single or hundreds of sites.
  7. Our hardware includes a GSM modem; however, SIM card has to be provided by the customer.
  8. It works on 48V DC +/- 15%.

NOTE: We reserve the right to revise features at any time, without any prior notice.