GSM 128 Sensor Temperature Monitor

Feedback from GSM 128 Sensor Temperature Monitor:
  • There is a need to monitor temperature at individual rack basis and in some cases even for specific shelves in the rack.
  • This is due to the fact that the air conditioning in the server room is very effective and any temperature change inside the rack does not get adequately reflected in the ambient temperature.
  • In general if the server temperature goes high then server either shuts down or works at the reduced efficiency, either of which is not acceptable for a data centre
  • There is a huge cost of air-conditioning for data centers
  • Most of the times to pre-empt any temp rise inside the rack the data center temperature is kept much lower than that required by server supplier
  • The extra cooling is a big cost but to ensure high uptime the air-conditioning is kept at a high level
  • Many servers do have temp sensing but they intimate once temp goes high and not pre-empt by giving warning before hand when temp starts rising
  • There is no system available to monitor large number of racks
  • Some data centers keep manual record of temperatures
Required solution
  • Check temperature continuously at server level or at rack level for rack
  • Inform when temp goes high at individual rack level so that preventive action can be taken
  • Record temp periodically for every server/rack so that temp v/s time study can be done
  • Air-conditioning to be managed based on temp profiles
Proposed solution with 128+ sensors
  • The solution consists of single master and multiple slave units.
  • Each slave can have 16 temperature probes that are connected with flexible cable
  • There can be 8 slaves for one master.
  • User can specify cut off temperature for each sensor of each probe.
  • All settings of temperature are done using a PC that can be interfaced with Master
  • The master can record 1000 readings for up to 128 sensors.
  • The recording can be done based on user defined time interval say every one hour.
  • In case temperature goes high for any sensor then temperature of all sensors is recorded. SMS is sent from the master to up to 4 phone numbers.
  • There is a provision to send email also from the system in case of alarm
Solution impact
  • Pre-empt failures due to temp rise
  • Rack wise temp profiles can be studied to increase or decrease air-conditioning in diff parts of same server room
  • Racks with continuous high temp could be reconfigured with higher capacity exhaust fans or relocation of some of the servers in the rack
  • In case of server failure/deterioration past temp profiles can be used for investigation
  • With so many sensors, it is possible to monitor individual servers or any specific equipment that may be critical
  • Minimize Down time of Servers and other Equipments
  • Huge Electricity Saving
  • Quick Return on Investment (ROI) – one year
  • Peace of Mind
  • Informed decision making

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