Free Cooling Unit

The equipment inside the BTS shelter produces heat that requires an AC to siphon out the heat but in the process it uses a large amount of electricity.

As we all are aware that there is a great need to preserve the environment, any saving in electricity helps in this direction. There is a direct saving in electricity expenses too.

If we look at India, there are many states where the temperature for a few months in a year is below the temperature that is desired inside the shelter, especially at night. So, it is feasible to lower the temperature inside the shelter if we can selectively use the outside air to cool the hot air inside.

Our product precisely works on this principle. Whenever the air outside is cooler than a 'user defined temperature difference', our system switches ON the fan that pushes air from outside to inside the shelter. The hot air form inside the shelter is pushed out simultaneously. The air that is pushed in is filtered through the reusable filters provided for the purpose. The system switches OFF the fans automatically in case it is hotter outside than inside by 'user defined temperature difference'.

More then 5,000 Free Cooling Unit supplied till date.

Alternative Applications

Can be used for battery bank shelters to keep battery cool with outside air.


  • User can set the temperature difference at which the system should start
  • Temperature of both inside and outside are displayed on the LCD display
  • Operates on 48V DC/24V DC/230V AC (option as per user requirement)
  • Fan size and number of fans can be changed depending upon location and size of shelter.
  • Robust grill to avoid any rain or intrusion

Other Option

(For Dusty Environment)

We also offer above system with a heat exchanger option that is mounted on top of shelter. Such system does not mix the inside and outside air. Using a heat exchanger, the inside air is cooled with help of outside air, and the inside air is returned back into the shelter.

Such option is advisable for very dusty environments.