Intelligent Power Distribution Unit (I-PDU)

For Server Racks

When using a normal PDU, it is possible that a short circuit in one device can shut down the complete rack or even the data center. This is not acceptable in critical applications

Also in shared data centers, there is a requirement to measure power consumption by individual server/router connected to each socket in the rack for the purpose of billing etc.

  1. Each socket on PDU is metered.
  2. If the equipment consumes more power than specified for the socket then the individual socket only is switched-off automatically.
  3. The voltage, amperes and KVA is displayed for each individual socket on a 2 Line 40 character in built display
  4. An MCB is provided to protect overloading for complete PDU.
  5. 5 Nos IEC sockets, (5 Amp.) and 2 normal sockets (Type D, 5 Amp.) are provided.
  6. Software for managing PDU through TCP/IP provided.

Data Centers, Server Rooms, Server Racks, Networking Equipment, Any application that has multiple critical electrical equipment.

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