Fire Panel

Spaceage manufactures Fire Alarm Panels for BTS shelters with one/two Smoke/Fire sensors, Temperature sensor, Intrusion sensor (Door Switch), Internal/External hooter, MCP, Reset switch etc. Advanced models also have LCD display, Digital Access code and programmable delays.

Fire zone : One
Fire sensor : Optical type sensor, 1 No. (Provision for second sensor too)
Door sensor : Magnetic door sensor, 1 No.
Temperature sensor : RTD or Thermistor sensor, 1 No.
  • Entry delay, stable using jumpers but displayed on LCD
  • Exit delay, stable using jumpers but displayed on LCD
  • Hooter max time limit
  • LCD display to display various error message
  • Separate switch to indicate selected settings
  • Jumper based settings
  • Front panel control : Reset switch for fire alarm
Audiovisual indications
Mains on : Green indication
System on : Green indication
Fire : Flashing indicator & fire tone
Fire sensor open/short : Indicator and tone by internal speaker
Door open : Red indicator & beeper tone
Exit delay on : Red indicator & beeper tone
Temperature high : Red Indicator
NMS (Potential free contacts) required for all three alarms
Panel Color : Off white with polycarbonate front sticker.
Panel mounting : Vertical wall mounting.
Operating Supply : -48V DC ( -40V to –60V DC range)"
The working of this model is similar to our basic model. For more details, Please refer to the manual.

NOTE: We reserve the right to revise features at any time, without any prior notice.