Mini UPS

Spaceage mini UPS is an ideal Router companion though can be used for CCTV, Set-top boxes, DVR, Cordless phones etc.

  • For any device that has input of 12V DC upto 1.5A current – use model
  • For any device that has input of 9V DC upto 1.5A current – use model

Since Spaceage has different models for 12V and 9V input, User is advised to ensure the correct model only as using the wrong model could result in permanent damage to the user equipment or malfunction. User should also check the connector of adapter of device is same as that of Mini UPS else user should look for a converter dongle/cable (not included).

The salient features are of Spaceage product are:
  • Very small, size of laptop adapter
  • Intelligent charging to avoid over charging
  • Upto 4 hours power back up, depends upon the router/equipment and usage
  • Very easy do-it-yourself installation as below
  • The Battery switch is on BYPASS mode during shipping for safety reason. User is advised to keep this switch on ON position else the battery shall be bypassed and not provide any backup. In bypass mode the power coming from wall adapter is directly given to device.
  • For dual voltage models, select the 9V or 12V output by keeping switch on appropriate side