Battery Bank Voltage Monitoring & Alert System

It is usually seen that out of the 24 or 12 batteries that make a battery bank, one or more batteries may become faulty. Due to fault in one battery out of a total of 24, the performance of the complete battery bank reduces and in many cases lead to reduced backup and insufficient charging of all the batteries. Our monitoring system offers the following salient features to overcome this problem:

1. Can monitor up to 24 individual batteries online.

2. Monitoring is done for voltage on 24 x 7 basis.

3. User can define low voltage level for individual batteries.

4. If any of the battery voltage falls below the user defined limit then the system takes the following actions:

  • Display the faulty battery no. on the display.
  • Send an SMS to the user defined no./s (up to 4)
  • Activate NO/NC contact which can be monitored through NMS.

Battery low message is not repeated for the same battery. List of all batteries that are below the user defined limit are mentioned in same SMS

System can work on 20V DC - 55V DC

By continuously monitoring the old battery banks you can identify the specific battery that needs replacement instead of stressing the whole battery bank.

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NOTE: We reserve the right to revise features at any time, without any prior notice.