Genset Optimizer/ BTS DG Controller/ FOT

This micro processor based product switches on the Genset only if it is hot inside the shelter or battery needs changing. Gives major energy saving.

Features of the Genset Optimization Unit

This unit helps in optimizing the time that the Genset is operational when the electricity is not there. The system works on the basic principle that specially in unmanned Shelters (or closed spaces) the AC compressor is not required to be run all the time. Normally, in unmanned locations the AC is run only to keep the shelter cool or recharge the batteries. Our system switches ON the Genset only for that duration for which the AC compressor has to be switched ON. Thereafter, the Genset is switched OFF. The specific functions are:

AC Mains:

If AC mains is available then this unit bypasses itself as then there is no role for this unit.


If the temperature rises above a preset AC ON point (Higher temperature limit) then the Genset is started. The Generator keeps in this position till the temperature goes down to AC OFF point (Lower temperature limit).

However, due to this optimization, it may happen that the Batteries may get discharged. E.g. the Genset may not start for hours together in case of winters. So the equipment has built in logic based on battery voltage as follows:

Battery Voltage:

If the battery voltage goes below the CHARGE ON voltage then the Generator is switched ON. The Generator remains in the start position till the voltage goes above the CHARGE OFF voltage. This helps in minimizing the number of cycles the battery will get charged and also keep batteries healthy.

In addition to above parameters, the use has the option to override the above values by specifying the Minimum Genset ON time.

Operation Logic:
  • Check if the AC mains is there. If yes, don't do anything
  • Check Temperature. If above the specified limit, start generator.
  • Keep generator ON till temp. falls up to lower temperature limit is reached
  • If temp. was not above the specified limit, check battery voltage. If below specified limit, start generator (even if not required for AC)
  • Continuously check voltage and temperature. When both within limits (temperature below the specified limit and voltage above the specified limit) then stop the generator
  • Keep track of time for which the generator is running, Stop generator if it has run for specified duration even if temp or voltage is out of range.
Unit Description

Our unit comes with a LCD display using which all the parameters can be set or viewed. The unit is wall mountable and is 12 in X 10 in X 3.5 in. Comes with it's own battery and battery charging unit.

NOTE: Some of the features mentioned above may require purchase of optional equipment.
We reserve the right to revise features and cost at any time, without any prior notice.