Low Intensity Type B 48VDC/230V AC Aviation Light Single/Dual Dome with FAULT Monitoring

Product Code : AV-04-ADDD-A
Type : LED Type
LED’s : Red high intensity LED’s suitable for outdoor application.
No of Lights : Two per unit
Operation Mode : Both ON simultaneously (Standby mode can be customized but required additional cable )
Failure criteria : Power consumption less than appox 65% of overall rated values or as defined by user
No of LEDs : 108 per light
No of parallel circuits : 12 per light
Wattage : Less than 6W
Enclosure : High-grade cast aluminum base with water clear glass dome. Dome fixed to base using silicon permanent sealants to protect against moisture and dust
Finish : Orange color Epoxy Powder coated painting on base and pipe.
Candela : Above 32 cd
Bird spike : AInbuilt
Horizontal light spread : 360 deg
Vertical light spread : 12 deg min
Compliance : ICAO Annex 14
Control panel
Voltage : 170V - 250 V AC /40-54 DC, preference to 230V AC
Visual Indicators on panel : Mains Power ON,Light ON, Light FAIL
Alarm Extentions : Potential free NO NC C contacts for • Power fail • Light fail (either one) Alarm extentions are available on the control panel itself
Day/Night switching : Auto photocell(LDR based)/Manual
Switching Sensor : External LDR(photocell), to switch ON/OFF Aviation Lamp at twilight and dawn.
Mounting arrangement : Control Panel - Wall mounted, in side the shelter (outdoor option available at extra cost) Switching Sensor - External, can be mounted outside shelter or on Tower using appropriate cable (not provided)
Light Finish : Bright Orange powder coating
Panel Finish : Powder coated Seamans Grey
Protection : Dual pole MCB 6A (or as per specs) - One provided on Input
Working temp : -10 deg to +55 deg C Suitable for harsh environment
Humidity : Upto 95% non condensing
Mounting : With special J plate and J clamps, does not require welding or drilling for mounting of lights