Low Intensity Type B 230V AC Aviation Light Single and Dual Dome, Flashing/Steady

Data Sheet for Aviation Lamp 230V AC (Model No. AV-04-A)
Voltage : 230V AC nominal(Range 180-250V AC)
Type : LED Type
Color of LED light : Red
Light Intensity : > 32cd as per ICAO specs
LED’s : Super Red high intensity LED’s suitable for outdoor application.
No of LEDs : 108
Horizontal Beam Spread : 360 Degree, as per ICAO specs, uniform spread
Vertical Beam Spread : > 10 Degree, as per ICAO specs
Switching Sensor : Built-in photo sensor at the base of the Aviation Light to switch in/out the Aviation Lamp at twilight and dawn.
No of parallel paths : 12
Mountings : > 3/4” bottom hub for threaded GI Pipe.
Enclosure : High-grade cast aluminum body with clear glass dome sealed using Silicon based sealant.
Finish : Orange color Epoxy Powder coated painting on base
Surge protection : Inbuilt with MOV
Power Consumption : Appox 4 Watts
Operating Temperature : 0° - 50°C

Note: Due to continuous improvements Spaceage reserves the right to modify the specs