GSM/GPRS Remote Monitoring Solution

This is an ideal product for Telecom infrastructure providers that may have more than one customer. Normally infrastructure providers have to compromise with anchor customers to carry the alarms on their behalf. With this product Telecom infrastructure providers can get the alarms directly at their Central locations using GSM technology (without the help of anchor customers).


With ever increasing offer of infrastructure by Telecom Infra companies for sharing of passive infrastructure with multiple Cellular providers, it is a complex question as to which client should carry the signals from various alarms within the shelter.

When a Cellular company (anchor) is hiring the infrastructure from infra provider, it obviously does not want to get involved in routine monitoring of alarms. Even if it agrees to do so over it's backbone, it negotiates heavy discounts for becoming the anchor customer.

To overcome this dilemma of infrastructure provider, we offer a GSM based simple monitoring system for various alarms like Fire, Temp., intrusion, generator related, power related, AC related etc.

While the alarms get generated as usual from various equipment, these are connected to our Transmitter box. Whenever there is a change in any of the status of the alarms, the Transmitter transmits a SMS using GSM. Since the alarms status changes only a limited times in a day, only a limited number of SMS are sent in a day.

These SMS are received at a predefined Receiver number. The Receiver in turn is connected to a PC. So, whenever there is a Alarm generated, a SMS is immediately generated and sent over GSM and displayed on PC monitor using Receiver.

The data in PC is stored in a database and can be inquired in various ways. While the exact reports can be generated as per user specific requirements, we offer standards reports like

  • Chronological list of alarms
  • Site wise alarms
  • Query on alarm status of a site
  • Query on particular alarm (say Fire) across all the sites
  • Custom reports
Additional Applications:
  • The system can also be used as a BACK-UP for normal alarms. Just in case a site is down the alarms related to site are also effected. With this independent channel the critical alarms can still be extended
  • Just in case the current infrastructure at a site does not allow for additional alarms to be extended to a central location, our system can be used in PARALLEL to enhance the infrastructure.
  • No need for an anchor customer or any backbone from a cellular provider for carrying of alarms
  • Since capital cost is low, the system is very cost effective
  • The operating cost is very less, since a good deal can be worked out across all sites with cellular provider in the region
  • Easy installation for remote areas (provided GSM is available there)
  • Does not use expensive GPRS.
  • Minimum installation time since wiring to be extended from existing alarm box (and not from individual equipment)
  • Robust design that can withstand varying voltages
  • Negligible power consumption
  • We offer 8 input, 16 input and 24 input models
  • We also offer SOLAR POWER based systems, just in case it is a PASSIVE site with no electricity or generator or battery bank.
  • Option available for various input 48V DC/24V DC/230V AC